Artificial Intelligence in a Country Embracing the Future

Artificial intelligence is rapidly transforming the world, and the United Arab Emirates has become one of the leading centers of this technological revolution.

Adopting a strategy to integrate AI into all aspects of life and the economy, the UAE is actively investing in education, research and innovation to become a global leader in this field. One of the main elements of this strategy is the creation of artificial intelligence universities that train a new generation of specialists and researchers. You can always find out more information on the

National AI Strategy

The UAE adopted the National AI Strategy in 2017, which sets ambitious goals for the development and implementation of AI in various sectors of the economy and society. The strategy covers key areas such as transport, healthcare, finance, education and infrastructure. The main goal is to establish the UAE as a global center for innovation and advanced technology, improving the quality of life of citizens and increasing the economic competitiveness of the country.

One of the main directions of the strategy is the development of education in the field of AI. Specialized universities such as Mohammed bin Zayed University for Artificial Intelligence play an important role in this.
MBZUAI was founded with the goal of training highly qualified specialists in the field of AI. The university offers master’s and doctoral programs in various areas of AI, including machine learning, computer vision and natural language processing. MBZUAI attracts the best students and faculty from around the world, providing cutting-edge research and development in the field of AI.

Creation of a council on artificial intelligence

An Artificial Intelligence Council was created to coordinate AI development efforts and ensure effective implementation of the national strategy. This body develops policies and regulations, supports research and innovation, and collaborates with international partners. The Council plays a key role in creating a conducive ecosystem for AI development in the UAE. The UAE is actively developing and implementing machine learning technologies in various sectors. The future of machine learning in the country involves increasing efficiency and automating processes, improving the quality of services and creating new business opportunities.