Renault Megane RS: added freedom

Very few car manufacturers can boast a truly iconic sports car in their history. There are even fewer who can be proud of the stability of results and overall performance.

One of them — RENAULT (, symbolic name — MEGANE RS — a car that has always been associated with excellent and uncompromising behavior on the road, reasonable for the price offered.

The new MEGANE RS ( follows the foundations of the French brand and its predecessors, offering an impressive combination of technological and near-competitive potential, but at the same time fully and adequately applicable to everyday use even by a large family.

The company’s new sports offering is largely based on its predecessors, as one of the main advantages is the additional freedom of choice integrated in the form of an adaptive MULTI-SENSE system. It offers the driver the ability to select from four different personalized driving modes — Comfort, Normal, Sport and Race — which can be further customized, exhaust system volume ratio, side screen style and others, depending on the driver’s preference. For the most demanding customers, the company also offers an optional five-mode Perso, which gives you even more freedom and allows you to achieve a truly personalized vehicle.

However, before moving on to the rich feature set of the MULTI-SENSE system, the RENAULT MEGANE RS catches the eye. With a specially designed exterior package with inflated fenders, massive front and rear bumpers, impressively shaped air vents to dissipate heat from the front and rear brake calipers, a glossy black finish, and impressively designed 19″ aluminum jacks and a rear diffuser with a respectable look in the beholder at that that he is a real athlete and will give you nothing less than an unforgettable trip experience. Additional highlights on the MEGANE RS are additional checkered flag headlight modules and a really eye-catching new exterior color Tonic Orange.

The first thing that catches the eye when we look at the interior of the new RENAULT MEGANE RS with integrated sports seat headrests. Finished in classic racing style in black with contrasting red stitching, they offer great support for the body and in the tightest curves on the high sidewalls at the bottom and back. To be sure which car you’re in, the headrests feature an embroidered RS logo.

Additional and obvious references to the nature and potential of the MEGANE RS can be found in the red stitching of the leather appliqués on the shifter, handbrake and steering wheel, which traditionally feature a red center divider just like real racing cars. An interesting highlight are the side door panels, which are partially made of carbon-soft material, above which there is an integrated LED strip for indirect illumination of the interior, which changes color depending on the vehicle mode selected via MULTI-SENSE. system.

The whole sporty racing theme of the exterior and interior of the new MEGANE RS would look fake and completely out of place if Renault engineers did not use all their available potential and achievements in motorsport to create an equally impressive vision of the automotive system. At its heart is a new 1.8-litre MEGANE turbocharger with direct fuel injection that is capable of 280 horsepower max at 6,000 rpm and a respectable 390 Nm peak torque.

Even if the French stopped there, the new MEGANE RS would be a worthy successor to the sports brand. To the delight of users, Renault has gone ahead and equipped the car with the 4CONTROL system, which promotes better agility at low speeds and more stable stride at high levels by adding rear wheel controls.

In addition, the new MEGANE RS has the innovative ability to be configured with a six-speed manual transmission or also a six-speed but robotic dual-clutch EDC transmission mounted on the steering wheel stays for shifting. RENAULT also allows you to order the car in two chassis ratios — Sport and Cup, the second is for those users who are willing to «sacrifice» some of their comfort for additional dynamics and optimized driving behavior.

For the most accurate and absolutely accurate figures and data, the new MEGANE RS is also equipped with the RS Monitor system, which allows you to track the key performance of the car in real time, as well as the ability to record, analyze and share. social networks of each segment of the trip or tour of the track.

Just like the systems and units that improve road dynamics, the MEGANE RS has no shortage of those that improve comfort and safety. The car is equipped with a luxurious BOSE audio system, R-LINK 2 multimedia with the ability to download specially developed applications from the R-LINK Store, as well as a full range of systems to improve active and passive road safety, including adaptive cruise. control and active brake assistant.

With all the personalization and customization options offered by the new generation MEGANE RS, Renault engineers make it as easy as possible for the driver to transform their car with a dedicated RS Drive button integrated into the extended center console dashboard. With just one touch, the car can convey the convenience of Comfort mode for a lifetime of racing passion, and vice versa. — online repair manual for Renault Megane first generation.